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Maximizing value

We specialize in home phone packages and business phone plans that work for you. Competitive rates, simple billing, no hidden charges, and excellent call quality make us the number one choice for Australians. Our home phone service is designed to meet your unique needs. Don't let high rates keep you from vital communication

Call Freedom

Choose your plan. Max Telecom has a plan for every type of caller. Do you make a lot of long distance calls? Need reliable home phone service? Want to lower your bills each month? Get valuable free calls included in your service each month? This is the call freedom that you get with Max Telecom.

Savings and Value

Max Telecom believes in providing the best home phone packages: we do not include extraneous charges, complicated call rates, or restrictive contracts in our plans. Instead, you get the reliable service and clear voice quality that you need at competitive rates. With built-in savings and free calls each month for many plans, you will see - and hear - the value with your first Max Telecom phone call.

You Home Phone Service Solution.Browse through our selection of phone plans and see how Max Telecom can save you money at home.

Features and benefits like these could be yours for one low rate every single month:

>    Depending on your plan, you could enjoy up to 500 national      calls free!
>    No monthly line rental fees ever!
>    Calls to mobiles are as low as 25 cents a minute!
>    Advanced technology means crystal-clear, reliable service every      time you pick up the phone!

Learn more now about how we can help you get the services you need at a great rate.



Looking For Great Business Phone Plans?

Max Telecom Is Your Business Phone Service Solution

We have a great selection of business phone plans that will work for you and help maximize your savings and value. With simple billing, competitive rates, and superior call quality, we are the number one choice for Australia's small and medium enterprises. Your business phone service should be as unique as your company - and it will be with Max Telecom.

What Can Max Telecom Do for Your Business?

>   Give you unprecedented call freedom. We have the right business      phone plans to meet your company's needs.
>    Lower your monthly bills and give you valuable free calls included      in your business phone service.
>   Skip the extra charges and complicated rate schedules and offer     clear service and no surprises at the end of the month.
>    Help you make the calls that your business depends on.
Look through our business phone service plans and find the Max Telecom solution for your business. Call or click today for our free no obligation quote, and start changing the way you do business now.
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